COVID-19 FAQs for Prospective 学生

Are 你 ready to change the world? Now’s 你r chance, the world needs . Our University and our students have been 世界改变  for almost 150 years. We hope 你 will be, too. 世界改变 在这里了.


是的! bet365中文大学 returned to in-person instruction during fall semester 2020 and will continue to offer in-person instruction and activities for the 2021–2022 academic year.

We’re 在这里 to support 你 and we’re working hard to ensure our team members provide 你 with the reliable service 你 deserve. We’ve made the necessary adjustments for minimal interruption to serving 你r needs. 

我们邀请您 bet365中文.edu/visit to sign up for an individual on-campus visit, 虚拟访问, or an in-person or virtual University Preview event. 现在, 你 can also enjoy our newly-updated 360-degree views of many areas of the bet365中文大学 campus available through our 360度虚拟旅行.

Admission Questions: 

本科 freshmen: 点击 在这里.
本科 transfer students: 点击 在这里.
研究生 students: 点击 在这里.
English as a Second Language/Center for Intensive English Program students: 点击 在这里.

With the impact of COVID-19 over the last year and a half, some university students are rethinking or delaying their school plans. If that's true for 你, whether 你 want to start at a later term, have financial constraints, are uncertain about travel restrictions, or have any other concerns, be assured we will do whatever we can to support 你r future plans with us.

Enrollment/Registration Questions:

Our caring scholars are waiting for 你! They will help 你 register for classes and answer questions about 你r academic future. 

After an admission decision is made, we will provide 你 with their contact information through our student portal iVue. To find out more about 你r academic advisor, 你 can also write to explore@bet365中文.edu. Don't forget to contact 你r academic advisor, introduce 你rself and send an introductory 电子邮件 as they will be delighted to hear from 你.

Your academic advisor will have all the information 你 need to complete this step (see the question "How can I connect with my Academic Advisor?"). Your advisor will help 你 create a list of proposed classes for the semester and open registration for 你 to enroll in classes through Registration Central.

我们的团队 财务顾问 can guide 你 on the financial options available to 你. Advisors are assigned based on the first letter of 你r last name. You are welcome to contact 你r representative by 电子邮件.

International Student Questions:

bet365中文大学 is open and ready to support 你! 检查 在这里 for updates and the latest information regarding the impact of COVID19 on international students.